Hard Luck Award

Given to United participants who have the worst luck on the way to or during the event In 2011, a friend gave Nick Kintner, of Lakeland, FL, a pair of size 13 Tiger striped sneakers.  He thought: what fun to wear them at the French Lick United. Unfortunately, they hurt his feet, so he tossed (more…)

Cars of United 39

Thanks to Jocelyn Gill and Jack for the fabulous pictures of the United. We’ve separated the pictures of each car by color (yea, I know not the best option, but there are so many!) Check out the Red cars, Blue cars, Green cars, Black cars, and even a Yellow one. If I’ve got your picture (more…)

United 39 Award Winners

Concours Awards Stock Tiger 1st Place   Jack Sawyer Modified Tiger 1st Place   Chris Koss Personalized Tiger 1st Place   Tom Hillmann 2nd  Place  Barry Nameth 3rd Place    Rick Lara Premier Rootes   Jean & Bob Webb Harrington Lemans  Stock Alpine 1st Place   Tiger Tom Ehrhart Modified Alpine 1st Place   André Beaulieu Personalized Alpine 1st Place   Marshall Cleve 2nd Place   (more…)

General Membership Meeting:
September 17, 2022

The General Membership Meeting was called to order by VP Gary Holman at 3:12 pm in the Hospitality Suite of the United host hotel. Approximately 50 members were in attendance. Meeting slides are posted here The full Treasurer’s Report is available in the slides According to the 2021 Balance Sheet Annual Profit/Loss Comparison 2021 – (more…)